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Can you recognise these foods?

Posted in Miscellaneous by Vik on January 2, 2010

Update: The fruit is Apricot (Khumani in Hindi); thanks to Paro for the update

These pics are of food packets (dry fruits/masala) that my friend (South Indian) gave me and she couldn’t tell what it was (and neither could I except for the Ramdana (Amarenthus) in the right packet).

The first food looked like dried dates (Chhuhara) while the second one (ramdana) has almonds, panchmeva etc. in it. I broke the seeds of the first (after eating it like dates) to find almonds inside it! I don’t know what the whole fruit is called!

I had thrown some 6-7 seeds thinking there is nothing inside LOL! The food packets are from Navdanya, the popular organic producers.

almonds and dry fruits

almonds and dry fruits

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