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Rang Bayaar Theatre Festival Photos: Khatra and Sawaal Apna Apna

Posted in JNU by Vik on April 2, 2012

From now on, every year JNU will have an annual theatre festival. This was announced by the campus cultural coordinator in the inaugural session of the first edition of the festival in JNU convention centre yesterday at about 9:45 pm.

Find photos of the play KHATRA (by IPTA) and Sawaal Apna Apna (by Bahroop). Khatra was boring, clichéd, predictable albeit with good acting, style and presentation. Sawaal Apna Apna was enjoyable with a great theme and message albeit a bit long (2 hours). Khatra did not had a houseful show as the campus was busy with two hostel nites on that day. Sawaal apna apna had it jam-packed (and nobody moved till the end).

Event Details : ‘Rang – Bayaar’ JNU Theatre Festival. Schedule :
31st March : Khatra by IPTA
1st April : Sawaal Apna Apna by Bahroop
2nd April : Ashadh Ka Ek Din Bela Theatre Group
6th April : Gandhi Park by Wings Cultural Society
7th April : Jee Hume to Natak Karna Hai by Sehar theatre Group.
Venue: Convention Centre, JNU, 9:15 pm (all days, except for the 6 April  psr oat venue)

jnu convention centre

jnu convention centre 2012-03-31 21.47.05 jnu theatre ipta play in jnu 2012-03-31 22.20.50 khatra theatre by ipta in jnu jnu convention centre 2012-03-31 22.23.20

1 April, sawaal…

jnu convention centre 2012-04-01 21.43.21 2012-04-01 21.43.36 2012-04-01 21.43.44 2012-04-01 21.45.28 2012-04-01 21.54.59 2012-04-01 22.25.57 sawaal apna apna 2012-04-01 23.29.43 jnu theatre bahroop


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