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Photos: Sita Ram Chhole Bhature, Kaleva sweets Raj Kachori, Allahabad Ladoo, Nizamuddin Dargah road halwa, biryani shops

Posted in Delhi by Vik on June 9, 2012

Photo of Sita Ram Chhole Bhature (Paharganj, 40 Rupees), Kaleva sweets raj kachori (65 Rupees) and Civil Lines (Allahabad) Hanuman Mandir ladoo (made in pure desi ghee). Also pics of Nizamuddin dargah road halwa and biryani shops!

Kaleva raj kachori

kaleva sweets cp delhiladoo indiasita ram bhature phonesita ram chhole bhaturesweets india

2012-05-20 21.12.262012-05-20 21.12.292012-05-20 21.29.232012-05-20 21.43.30

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