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Jnumc Rock Climbing Dhauj 50+ Photos, 2012

Posted in Uncategorized by Vik on April 1, 2013

JNUMC Rock Climbing programme, Dhauj (Haryana), 11-13 December 2012.

Our trainer: Suraj Sinil Singh Nagarkoti (popular as Koti; great sense of humour, genuinely devoted to sports, no-nonsense guy, always encouraging; he was with us until 1.30 am for Jumaaring, gauge his passion from that). Team Leader: Anushree Ghosh.

Names of some of members of the 25+-strong team are Anushree, Prem, Yash, Bikash, Anjali, Mausami, Shraddha Pal, Saket, Sonu (Rajesh), Javed Akhtar, Vivek, Sunita, Bhoomika, Rohan.

Starting Point (Narmada) and the bus, we alight on… Bouldering, Jumaaring, Rappelling, the long trek, Monkey temple etc. See below. Mostly random pics. See this set to decide how it is: the rock climbing experience at Dhauj. See some 2011 rock climbing pics here.

No attempt  made to make it comprehensive; it is just a quick photo documentation. Photos are copyrighted to members of the team who clicked them.



Rock Climbing Dhauj






DSC00177Rock climbing photos India


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