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#StartANewLife- a story of bold changes on the health front to reform your kitchen

Posted in Miscellaneous by Vik on March 16, 2015

This is the story of how bold steps were taken on the health front and which helped big changes in my life and also helped my home and family members and friends. This was good, positive change as it revolutionized health and fitness and made me more optimistic. After all these changes, rest assured you will be more energetic and positive. So feel free to get inspired by this story and change your life. #StartANewLife; read below this story in ten points and make the changes in your own life too so that you get to enjoy your life more with family and friends in your home without the worries of the astronomical count of diabetes, heart problems and hypertension in India.

1. Open your refrigerator and check your home and life. Take out all colas, packed cold drinks, sugary juices, packed junk food, packet chips and THROW it in the dustbin. Congratulate yourself now. Sugar and junk addiction is killing the Americans. You just woke up in time!

2. Quit that milk tea or coffee you drink a number of times every day. Start taking tea with little or no sugar and lemon. Or take green tea. This prevents your from taking 6-7 spoons of sugar in body daily. That is a great way forward to fitness.

3. Start moving. Don’t say you will go to Gym and join a trainer and blah, blah. Fitness is food first and then physical movements. Walk more, do stretching and yoga at home, start jogging, get a cycle, do 3 minutes of stretching and exercise after every 90 minutes of work and chair life. Don’t think of going out in fancy kit or going to gym, buying branded equipments etc.

4. Start sleeping early. Get up early. Remove TV, computer from bedroom; no internet after 9 pm. Dinner should be light. And sit on floor more; chair life is ruining our lives and spine.

5. Carry healthy food and water when you go out. McDonalds and KFC has ruined the US where obesity is rampant. Fitness and health will not come with fast food or Mughlai food. Eat vegetables, salads, coarse grains, your own home made desi foods; GO BACK to Idli and simple tawa roti!

6. When was the last time you made chhach (buttermilk), sprouts, ragi kanji, amla chutney or a fruit veg salad in home? When was your last fruits shopping? Or you just want naan and bhature and burgers and pizza and mutton and pastries and patties in life?! Then know that Apollo, Fortis wait for you! Even Olympic marathon runners gain weight if they overeat and eat junk. What you eat is what you are! Change food to change mood and health and looks.

7. If you are a tobacco or alcohol user then I will not bore you with ‘quit it’ lecture or a possible early death warning. Addiction is normal; tobacco and its chemical enhancement is designed to make you crave for it. Accept that, don’t feel guilt about it, and then watch yourself like a detached observer and slowly get out of its chains. Start a new chapter, start a ‘7-day No tobacco’ life now (with lots of water and green tea to flush out nicotine) and then you will get your freedom as tobacco begins losing its battle against your will power from about the 4th day.

8. Stop praising kids and people who look chubby and fat (’khaate peete ghar ka!’). And stop ridiculing those who are slim and thin. Latter are often more fit. And avoid friends and those who weaken your resolve, ‘Arre thoda sa kha le, kabhi kabhi ye sab khaane se kuchh nahi hota!’. That’s a trap, beware.

9. Eat 1-2 bananas daily (no, it does not make you fat) and drink more water (at least 2 Lts daily). Roughly speaking one samosa takes 20 minutes of fast running to get burnt else it is often sitting on you in the form of fat. So know what bad food and overeating does to body. Most of us who can afford food overeat.

10. Learn cooking esp if you are male; help family with food in all ways. Go to buy vegetables and fruits in morning. Switch to organic (pesticide free) stuff when you save money by not eating outside of home. Start terrace gardening; grow dhania etc. in home.

So don’t wait now; start that new life that you have been avoiding. It is never late for positive changes; these 750 words may be a great harbinger of change in your own life. So script your own story now.

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