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Ranchi Science Centre, Fun castle Photos

Posted in Kids by Vik on November 9, 2012

Called Science City by all, Morahabadi, Ranchi. Late October 2012. Also Funcastle, Ratu.

2012-10-26 17.30.30


Kitten Photos: Feeding kitten with syringe

Posted in JNU, Kids by Vik on April 28, 2012

The surviving kitten on the floor being fed milk with syringe

See videos on YouTube atβ€”

Feeding with syringe

After taking food

2012-04-28 13.46.16



Working for the Poor children in JNU campus: Abhigyan Annual Day Celebration Photos from JNU campus

Posted in Delhi, JNU, Kids by Vik on February 21, 2010

Abhigyan is a JNU students initiative for the education of the children of the poor construction labourers in the JNU campus. You can read more about Abhigyan on their website. Visit the Abhigyan website. Abhigyan started in 2005 due to the initiative of Rakshi Rashmi (see her photo below) who wanted to do something for the cause next door. Abhi in Abhigyan is taken from Abhiradhi, the then JNU student from Thailand who used her scooty to ferry kids to the make shift school (under a tree at that time; later the FSA office). Read the full history here on their blog.

Today was their annual function at the SSS auditorium in JNU. His Excellency , the ambassador of Cuba was the chief guest along with another diplomat (high commissioner).

Here are the pics shot from my digicam by me. I am an amateur photographer so don’t mind the quality. Please note that I was not present for the first one hour of the event.

Kids singing

Abhigyan JNU education for poor children


Photos of the Sabarmati hostel’s new pet (puppy)

Posted in JNU, Kids by Vik on January 31, 2010

Please read this post about the puppy first before getting amazed by the following photos. This is the new pet of Sabarmati hostel, JNU campus. The sweater was arranged and weaved by Sabarmati hostel girls. The sweater was given by Indrani, a former Sabarmati student pursuing PhD in JNU.

Sabarmati Hostel puppy, dogs in JNU


Photos of a cute baby in JNU campus, Sabarmati Hostel

Posted in Friends, Kids by Vik on November 15, 2009

These photos were shot on 14 September 2009. The cute baby is the daughter of Mr. Akhlaque, a former Sabarmati Hostel resident JNU. She is with Mr. Naushad, a Sabarmati hostel resident and friend of Mr. Akhlaque. The latter was away and we were playing with the baby. πŸ™‚

cute baby JNU


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