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Manipuri Folk dance Thaabal Chongba: 11 photos from JNU Campus

Posted in JNU by Vik on February 27, 2010

These are Thaabal Chongba dance from JNU campus which is an annual and a very popular event in the JNU Campus where Manipuri people, other students from the North East, foreigners and other students visit to dance and or watch. As I am typing this (11 pm, 27 February 2010) and publishing the pics here the dance is still in progress near my hostel.

Here is more about Thabal Chongba from the GOI site:

Thabal Chongba is a popular Manipuri folk dance associated with the festival of Holi. The literal meaning of Thabal is ‘moonlight’ and Chongba means ‘dance’, thus ‘dancing in the moonlight’. Traditionally conservative Manipuri parents did not allow their daughters to go out and meet any young men without their consent. Thabal Chongba therefore provided the only chance for girls to meet and talk to boys.

So here are the photos of the even at the KV grounds, JNU campus

Scene from a distance. I am reaching the venue:

Thabal Chongba Manipuri folk dance, JNU Campus


Nehru Place Photos, Shopping, People, Delhi photos

Posted in Delhi, Myself by Vik on February 20, 2010

These are photos form my today’s outing; was at Nehru Place and Vishal Megamart. Transportation used public bus, auto and mini bus.

This is a man pissing just by the Nehru Place bus stop! 😦 

man pissing on Road in India


Four old JNU Post Office Photos

Posted in Delhi, JNU by Vik on January 1, 2010

These are photos of the revamped old JNU post office taken a few days earlier. This will be useful for anybody looking for photos of post offices in India/postal department. This and my other blogs has a lot of JNU stories/photos. JNUites mostly use the post office at the new JNU campus ( the main campus). I was there for sending two speed posts. The Central Information Commission also has a building here (along with the ISTM etc).Indian post office, JNU Campus


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