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Photos of International Food Festival in JNU Campus

Posted in JNU by Vik on January 27, 2010

An International food festival  was organised in the JNU Campus by the Foreign Students’ Association [FSA] and the SFH. The venue was the KV grounds in the JNU campus near Tapti hostel. I was there for about 15 minutes (solely for shooting). Huge crowds had turned up for the event.

International Food Festival, JNU campus


Republic Day flag hoisting photos from JNU Campus

Posted in JNU by Vik on January 26, 2010

These are photos of the 60th Republic Day celebrations from the Sabarmati Hostel, JNU Campus. The flag hoisting ceremony took place at about 10 am and was attended by the hostel residents, wardens and hostel staff. The venue is the Sabarmati Hostel. Click here to see the 15 August Independence day photos. πŸ™‚

The photos are in the order of the event. Foggy morning, students gathering, preparation, hoisting and the sweets.

JNU Campus Republic day photos


Some JNU campus PSR Photos and JNU Stadium

Posted in JNU by Vik on December 26, 2009

Me and Naushad sir went out for a walk few days ago near the PSR rocks, JNU campus and the stadium. I was of course carrying my camera! πŸ™‚ Some photos from the area (Stadium, PSR, OAT, JNU Lawn tennis field). They killed all the vegetation here! 😦

JNU, JNU campus, JNU PSR, JNU greenery, JNU stadium photos


The Sabarmati Hostel elections in JNU campus were chaotic [Photo Essay]

Posted in JNU by Vik on October 16, 2009

Yesterday night utter chaos prevailed during the Sabarmati Hostel elections 15 October 2009 in the JNU campus. The issue was that the Second Roommate and Third Roommates [called SR, TR in JNU lingo] were not allowed to vote in the elections.

The students vehemently objected to the denial of franchise to the SR, TR residents because it has never happened in the JNU campus that SR, TRs have been prevented from voting in elections.Β  SR, TRs have also become hostel presidents.

The students united put up a collective voice against it and the contestants refused to recognise the electoral process by declining to send their counting agents. However in the melee and confusion that followed, two presidential contestants [Rashi Anand and Dinesh] did send their counting agents inside and the wardens initiated the process of vote count. Aniruddha Kumar, the third presidential contestant declared that he refuses to recognize this election. Students immediately signed anΒ  application addressed to the wardens calling for cancellation of the elections. Later Rashi Anand also agreed to withdraw her counting agent and boycott the elections but her counting agent Devadeep Chowdhury later said he was “prevented by the wardens” from leaving the premise!


Hunger Strike photo JNU Campus

Posted in JNU by Vik on October 13, 2009

This is how the venue of a hunger strike in JNU campus looks. It is late September 2009 , the JNUSU hunger strike for better health facilities. Visit my primary blog for more on JNU etc.

JNU hunger strike

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JNU Durga Puja 2009: More Photos

Posted in JNU by Vik on October 13, 2009

Read first the full story first on my primary blog. Here are more photos

JNU Campus Durga Puja religion festival India


JNU Campus coffee express issue

Posted in JNU by Vik on October 13, 2009

In September 2009, there were protests against the coffee express outlet in the SLS, JNU campus. These are some pamphlets from that issue. Please note that some parties [not leftists of course] were either not protesting against it or supported the outlet in the campus.

 JNU Coffee express outlet issue


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