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Students and Wardens: 25 Photos of Litti-Chokha Picnic in Sabarmati Hostel in JNU

Posted in JNU by Vik on January 27, 2010

On the eve of the Republic Day yesterday when the hostel mess was closed, many students and all wardens of Sabarmati hostel in JNU campus planned and successfully executed a Litti-Chokha picnic in the hostel. The students and wardens (about 50 people) with the help of two staff made hundreds of Littis and enjoyed a nice evening in the hostel. This was a unique event in the JNU Campus. Please visit my primary blog and the sidebar for a lot of JNU stories, blogs, pics and images.

These are photos of the event mostly in the order that they happened. This photos will also illustrate how to make Litti Chokha. You can join the Litti Chokha Facebook group or the Litti Chokha group on Orkut if you are a Litti Chokha fan. Looking forward to the next hostel picnic! 🙂 Click on the share link in the right sidebar to share/mail this post with your friends.

Warden with students (Vinay, Aniruddha, Manish Anand, Akram, Himanshu and another person) at about 6. 27 PM at the venue (near the hostel gym).

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