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JNUMC Rock Climbing Photos

Posted in JNU by Vik on December 15, 2011

The following pics are of the rock climbing programme at Dhauj, Haryana organised by the JNUMC. This should give a fair idea to anyone looking for what is the programme about and what to expect. Thanks to Vikas Kr Chauhan, JNU Student for the pics. Pics are only stamp size taken from his facebook album; do not click on it. Some people in these pics are Vikas Kr Chauhan, Chhaya Narula, Sushant, Ratnesh and others.

Both the pic sets are the same; the first set is a smaller size of album and will load faster while the one below it is 2.5 mb in size and will load late (slightly bigger).

Mountain Climbing--Dec 10-12, 2011_1323947356085


Mountain Climbing--Dec 10-12, 2011_1323947356085

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