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#Look up and find Optimism and Hope- a Story

Posted in Friends by Vik on March 16, 2015

For past some years, he was feeling so negative about life and it was hampering his productivity. He had started avoiding work and even taking new initiatives and had started fearing challenges. Then one of his friends wrote him a letter which changed his outlook on life. He pasted it on the walls of his home, so that he can never forget it. He always reads it when he wants to feel better, to believe in himself, to believe in life. Here is the text of the letter which gave a new direction and meaning to his life story. It is his favourite story of optimism and how he changed his life with simple changes in the way he thought about things.

“Dear …..

Life is special. You should celebrate every day. Scientists have researched that the probability of our birth (as a human, living being) is 1 in 400 trillion. Whoa! If we are so special then we need to make it big. We need to live it happily and appreciate life. With small achievements every single day, with laughter, with smile, with homemade food, with parents, with family, with friends, with satisfaction after every small job well done. Take care of your days and life takes care of itself. How we spend our moments is how we shape our life.

Either we can lie in the bed and keep thinking or we can just take charge of the moment and start with life today. It is a beautiful day and we can make it more beautiful. How? Just by making the maximum out of it. It is a new cheque, a new chapter, a new beginning, a new 24 hours that God gave us. Let us use it. It is in our hands. It is with us to be sad or to be happy. Yes, there are many problems. This is not right, I don’t feel good, I wish things were different and so on. But remember problems will always be there, nothing is perfect. So think of yourself as a boat that adjust sails to get past the storm. Life has to be like that. Or else it will be painful. That is the mantra to live life.

Let’s illustrate things with an example on how we waste time and tire ourselves with silly, routine stuff while we should be focussing on major tasks in life. Will power is like a muscle. The more choices you make during your day the more depleted your will power is; so say behavioural psychologists. For example, if your morning hours are not structured or defined and you keep doing sundry things like checking phone, seeing missed calls, doing small, small things wondering what to do, then you are spending will power over insignificant choices every day. The more choices you make on things that are unimportant, then you will have less choices and less willpower for important tasks and goals. So keep distractions to a minimum; keep will power reserved for big, major tasks during the day. Don’t do ego depletion by making many choices every morning. All masters lived in simplicity. Make few choices, do not deplete finite will power. Minimalism is the key here. Practice deliberate minimalism, focus.

Hoping this talk has given you some energy. Get out of your comfort zone, think less, be guided by action more. Your soul needs growth, you need activation energy. Our mind diverts us to myriad things if we do not take action in the first some seconds only when we start thinking about something. We all know what is to be done. The point is doing that. That brings happiness. That kills stress, that makes us better. Let’s be fine. Not by just saying I’m fine. But by working everyday to earn every smile on our faces. By doing tiny tasks and achieve bigger results when done with care every single day, week, month.

You will make this a good day. Many problems may come today, some people may not be so nice again and so on. But you will let problems and people come in your way of happiness. You are in charge. Breath deep, close the eyes, visualise the things you are doing today, make a list. And start the day. Get guided by action.

Okay, life awaits you. Start now. Hugs.

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