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#Together- a story

Posted in Friends by Vik on March 16, 2015

Some years ago, I spent some months in Pune for an internship. Back home in the village, my parents, my big brother, and our dog Sunny waited for my return.

Upon leaving home, I had been afraid that I would miss it a lot: that the weather, the language, the people would be so different from what I have been used to; that I wouldn’t be able to live there comfortably and that I may not find a nice apartment for rent. My mother had cried a lot seeing me go, worried sick about me. My father had hugged me on the day I had left home. Even my brother had told me that he would miss me while I was gone. Our dog had looked at me with his brown eyes, not understanding I wasn’t going to college this time – I was going far away from him and the family.

During the first few weeks, I admit I missed my home and my family quite a lot. In Pune, I had to share a flat with three others were all Punjabis. So outside of my room, I had to listen to Marathi being spoken everywhere, and in my room, I had to listen to Punjabi from the mouths of my roommates. Even the food tasted different, when it was not made by the loving hands of my mother. I spent weekends alone in my room, looking down from the window at the city spread before me. At nights, I had dreams of being back home, of running in the courtyard with Sunny, his black fur shining in the sunlight.

However, in spite of being from a completely different place than I, my roommates were good people. Little by little, they earned my trust, and soon, my friendship. They asked me to join them for watching a movie together and for going to eat snacks to a street shop downstairs. They told me some silly jokes to make me laugh and we all tried our hands together at cooking. It was much thanks to them that after all I enjoyed my stay in Pune.

I remember very well the day I came back home. It was a Tuesday, and it was raining then. My father and brother came to meet me at the airport. They both hugged me and seemed happy to see me again.Yet it was not until we reached our home that I realised what true happiness was. When I stepped out of the car, our dog Sunny was in the courtyard. I noticed him before he noticed me, and I suddenly realised I had actually missed not only my parents and my brother, but so much of Sunny during my absence. I raised my voice and called him: “Sunny!”

That is when he noticed me, and recognised me immediately. He barked vigorously, and rushed to me with twinkling eyes. He jumped against me with much excitement and ran around the house at least four times. I hugged him, laughing. No one had ever been so happy to see me. That is when I understood how true the saying “dog is man’s best friend”.

I can never forget that day. Whenever I feel sad or bad, I think about it. And it makes me go on.

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