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Some August 2012 pamphlets and posters from campus

Posted in JNU by Vik on August 22, 2012

Letter by Ashok Mitra to SFI, JNU encouraging the latter and asking to remain it on the chosen path without rancour. Click on images to embiggen.

SFI JNU ashok mitra

NSS My Earth My duty poster

2012-08-08 16.24.16

Janmashtami matkiphood competition in campus

2012-08-09 21.17.31

GSCASH JNU Orientation programme poster

2012-08-21 11.58.44

ABVP poster on Bodo-Muslim clashes

2012-08-21 11.58.35

Pamphlet by North East students ‘condemning racist attacks’

2012-08-21 11.59.03

AISA wall poster with Ambedkar, Birsa Munda (and Jyotiba?) near library

dalit poster social empowerment

Housekeeping: Phenyl refills for Schools near library

2012-08-21 13.01.32

ABVP wall poster

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